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Sachet weight / number of procedures:
- up to 1 gr. - 5-7 procedures
- 2 gr. - up to 20 procedures
- 5 gr. - up to 50 procedures
- 10 gr. - up to 100 procedures

15% discount when buying a package of 10 pcs. one weight.



Instructions you see here


Lawsonia inermis India, lawsonia inermis Morocco (alhanin green chlorophyll, henna (yellow-red), hennotanin acid, pectin), terminalia chebula, azadirachta indica, acorus calamus, aloe barbadensis, multani mutti, bасора monnieri, eclipta alba, phyllanthus emblica, Indigofera tinctoria, theobroma cacao, anhydride citric acid, pigments.


Attention! Before use, test for allergies: apply a little diluted henna on the inner surface of the forearm, 48 hours before the procedure. If there is no redness or other negative reactions, you can begin staining. Does not contain ammonia and admixtures of urzol. For professional use only. Reuse of henna is not acceptable. Complies with the requirements of TR TS


All products are certified. / / profhenna.rf

Expiration date 3 years from the date of manufacture.


* Promotions and discounts are not cumulative.

Color type Base
Color temperature Warm
For coloring всех типов, кроме брюнеток
Skin tone Warm skin tone
Метка ОПТОВАЯ ЦЕНА ОТ 2-х шт.
Цвет волос Шатенок, брюнеток
Оттенок хны Темно-коричневый
Количество процедур 6 гр. до 60 процедур

Темно- коричневый цвет использую очень часто, смешиваю его иногда с коричневым для получения более светлого оттенка. Стойкое окрашивание волосков,держится более месяца!

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