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Ready-made online store based on the Insales platform

Catalog 8 (800) 222 4115
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Home Instruction


Innovative coloring of eyebrows from the PROFHENNA brand.

Henna for difficult tasks.

Masters who always want more.


"PROFHENNA" represents a professional line of natural henna from 16 shades for restoring and durable staining of skin and hair in one procedure.


SPA 3 in 1 procedure:

Persistent skin staining

Long lasting hair coloring

Eyebrow repair



Natural product

16 shades

Resistant color

Eyebrow repair and growth

Minimum consumption


"PROFHENNA" - natural henna does not contain ammonia and urzola, brewed only with boiling water.




Before you start working with henna “PROFHENNA”, study the shades with which you will work, draw with henna on the back of the palm. (swatches)

Henna is a completely natural product, there are important nuances that must be observed:




To make henna, you will need a PROFHENNA blending kit:

The blending kit includes:

* Bowl - made of glass of the required thickness, retains heat and maintains the required temperature of cooked henna. Its dimensions are selected directly for Lampforhothenna "PROFHENNA".

* Measuring spoon "PROFHENNA" - allows you to work in exact proportions in the choice of henna dosage. (0.10 g.)

* Measuring pipette "PROFHENNA" - allows you to work in exact proportions in the choice of the dosage of water. (0.2 ml., 0.5 ml., 1 ml.)


Lampforhothenna / henna lamp, natural wood.

* Hotlampfor "PROFHENNA" - designed specifically for brewing henna "PROFHENNA". Thanks to the Lampforhothenna, the work process does not cause any difficulties for the master. Lampforhothennapowers heat flow to the glass bowl at the required distance, which ensures proper brewing of the PROFHENNA henna.

* Nylon brush "PROFHENNA" - provides high-quality mixing of the dye, has a soft nylon pile, so that the henna particles are not clogged in the brush.


MIXING Henna With Water:


The correct consistency formula:

1 scoop henna without slide (0.10 g.) + Water 0.5 ml. = 3 minutes brewing at Lampforhothenna.

The whole formula is multiplied by 2 using 2 tablespoons of henna.


On average, for one coloring of eyebrows 2 measured spoons of henna are enough.


1. Put 2 tablespoons of henna into the glass bowl (the container should be at room temperature, otherwise the water will cool quickly)

2. Pour henna with boiling water 95-100 degrees (henna "PROFHENNA" - a natural product, does not contain ammonia and urzol, brewed only with boiling water)

3. Mixing henna with water should be intense, with a brush it is necessary to break all the particles of henna.

4. After thoroughly mixing the henna with water, put the bowl on Lampforhothenna 5-6 minutes. It is necessary to ensure that henna is not dried. If necessary, stir. After that, remove the bowl from the lamp and leave it to cool for one minute.

You should have a plastic consistency, similar to olive oil (the finished dye should not be lumpy, thick or dry).

After brewing, stir the henna, if necessary add hot water to the desired consistency.


IMPORTANT! When brewing henna on the lamp, henna should change its color from green to dark brown / black. Such henna is brewed correctly. If the color has not changed and has a greenish tint, then henna is welded incorrectly, and you will not get a bright and lasting shade on the skin.

During brewing, henna swells and thickens, you need to add boiling water, so that the consistency is plastic and light for coloring eyebrows.


Mode of application:


Preparation of the eyebrow area before henna staining:

Use additional products before staining eyebrows from the brand "PROFHENNA" (recommendations for use on packages).

For oily skin: dry cleansing powder shampoo & scrub shampoo.

For dry and normal skin: “cleansing eyebrow shampoo” and “peeling for eyebrows (dry)”.

It is not recommended to do an aggressive peeling before the procedure.

For skin degreasing: "PRETREATMENT" from "PROFHENNA". It is recommended to degrease 3-5 times. When degreasing, you need to stretch the skin and thoroughly clean the lower part of the base of the eyebrow and the problem, perechipanny area.



For graphic coloring it is necessary to apply henna correctly on the eyebrows, observe the number of layers and their thickness. Each layer enhances the intensity of the pattern and durability.


Synthetic brush, nylon, intended only for coloring eyebrows (beveled or straight)

Stretch the skin in the eyebrows during staining to draw smooth lines.

Practice each eyebrow zone: head, torso, tail.

You can go beyond the hairline.


The first layer is the most important - it is the eyebrow pattern, it should be thin (not transparent), uniform. Apply with the brushing movements of the brush, going beyond the hairline, practicing each eyebrow zone: the beginning of the eyebrow, the lower base and the upper base simultaneously, stretching the skin from the apex point, the tail. Dries up to 3 minutes. Apply neatly and evenly, remove the excess immediately with the help of wet cotton swabs, change everything after drying. Wait for complete drying of the first layer.

The result - the most colored skin.


The second and third layers apply a dense layer (not thick) over the already created pattern, without gaps, without pressing the brush.

The bottom base is always worse painted than the top.

Pinch area and lower base of the eyebrow: you can increase the number of layers or apply only to these areas.

Wait for complete drying of each previous layer.


The intensity of the color is governed by the number of layers: for a brighter pattern, apply from 3-5 layers.

An additional layer can be applied to the plucked areas of the eyebrow, as well as the lower axis of the eyebrow.

Important!! Do not apply henna if the previous layer does not dry out.


After the brows are completely dry, gently remove the henna with a cotton pad. Dampen it, squeeze it out until it is water that does not flow when pressed, and apply it to the eyebrows, let the henna soak. Shoot the henna in one - two steps in the direction of growth, when it becomes completely wet. Blot dry or allow eyebrows to dry on their own. Apply a small amount of oil from «ProfOil».


DRY Henna does not paint!


During the month after the staining procedure, you can not use any other dyes. The following henna staining can be repeated after 3-6 weeks.

It is not recommended to dye with henna:

Cancer patient; in the presence of papillomas in the eyebrow area; burnt skin.



Those who have previously been prone to allergies may experience an allergic reaction to henna staining. Before use, it is advisable to test for allergies: apply brewed henna on the elbow bend line; behind the lobe of the ear; on the break of the hand or between the little finger and the ring finger - watch the reaction for 24/48 hours. Should not appear redness and other negative reactions.


At the production stage, henna is packaged in foil packaging, which will retain all the useful properties of the product. It is not recommended to change the original packaging: jars, sachets.

Reuse of diluted henna is not acceptable.

Shelf life is indicated on the packaging.

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