Education Departament

Products Company PROFHENNA - is henna for complex tasks. A rich palette of 16 shades gives great opportunities to masters who want more, to know all the subtleties of work on our product. The International Training Center offers training in specially designed copyright programs, and more than 50 qualified trainers from different cities of the Russian Federation and the CIS will share their experience and knowledge of working with natural henna. From the method of training, to a large extent depends on the performance, quality and increase the income of the master. Standard programs PROFHENNA are designed to increase the professionalism of the Masters - free Master Test and Master Class. In addition to standard courses, the International Training Center invites masters to become part of our team, and get a profession INSTRUCTOR 2 categories with the right to teach. This is a unique opportunity to get training and get a number of advantages: attractive discounts, preferential training to the level of the Company's coach, comprehensive support, additional earnings from selling products, holding Master Classes with issuing personal certificates of the PROFHENNA Company.