It is important to know!
1. When brewing henna, boiling water, a glass container, a measuring spoon, a pipette and Henna itself are required.
2. There are at least five methods of brewing, each with its own holding time. Only the amount of henna and water remains unchanged!
3. The correct consistency of brewed henna is olive oil, plastic, easy to apply, the color is dense, it should not crunch!
4. Not enough water - Henna is dry, the color has not opened, the consistency is thick, it is difficult to apply, it dries quickly on the eyebrows, it does not give the color correctly, it is not correctly brewed, it has not changed color!
5. A lot of water - color is transparent, it can drain, does not fall down, dries for a long time, the number of layers increases, it is not convenient to apply.
6. If henna is dry, add or not add water !?

Henna dried out at the brewing stage.
During the initial mixing of henna and water, you take the required amount, for one staining in the case of PROFHENNA 2 tablespoons of henna and 1 ml are required. water for a perfect consistency. (The company offers for this measuring spoon (0.10 gr.) And a pipette.)
The brewing method on Lamp For Hot Henna takes 3 minutes.
If the brewing time is longer, the henna is dry, the water in this case is evaporated, the henna “burns” as it were. By adding water you will not get the result of bright staining, real color. The color can get muffled, dull, 1-2 tones lighter.
Add water at the stage of brewing, you "dilute" the real result.
It is important to observe:
1. Amount of henna and water
2. Brewing time (Lamp on Hot Henna mode)

Read the instructions for use!

The result is the correct consistency, convenient in application, dense and bright color, disclosure of the useful properties of henna.