Surely many have heard of eyebrow wax. This cosmetic is used in basic makeup. Many women know how difficult it is sometimes to tidy up their eyebrows.


But cosmetology does not stand still, and now on the shelves of shops you can easily find cosmetic wax. Previously, this tool was found only by professional makeup artists.


Eyebrow wax is used at the base of the makeup. At home, it is simply put on the eyebrows to give shape. As for professional makeup, cosmetic wax is used there as one of the stages for modeling eyebrows.


Make perfect eyebrows and you can at home, the main thing to understand in all steps.


How to make perfect eyebrows with eyebrow wax?


As a rule, eyebrow wax is sold complete with eyebrow shadows, less often you can find a separate tube. However, to model perfect eyebrows, you will need to use several attributes:

• eyebrow brush;

• cosmetic scissors;

• eyebrow wax;

• eye shadow or eyebrow pencil of a suitable shade;

• shades of solid or white matte color.


First you need to comb your eyebrows with a brush. The direction of combing should be from top to bottom so that all excess hairs can be seen over the eyelid. Then, using cosmetic scissors, trim off excess hair. Then eyebrows need to be brushed again, but in the direction of hair growth. With the help of an applicator, it is necessary to apply cosmetic wax in the direction of growth, too.


Then you can tint eyebrows with special shadows. The final stage will be the shading of light shadows along the contour of the eyebrows from below and above.


Cosmetic wax will keep you in perfect shape for a long time. Nothing will happen to such brows during the day. Thanks to waxing, eyebrow shadows can hardly be erased, and this guarantees durability throughout the day.


Eyebrow wax can be purchased at online stores, where a huge selection of different waxes are presented, as well as color waxes for modeling eyebrows.


The web is now a lot of stories about the perfect make-up at home, and you can see that special attention is paid to eyebrows. But with the help of small tricks now you can easily make perfect eyebrows with your own hands.