Peelingforeyebrows (dry) is suitable for dry and normal skin. It is used for gentle cleansing in the eyebrows, from particles of dry skin before staining. Peeling is a finely abrasive powder of beige color, with a pronounced herbal aroma. 100% natural product of plant origin. Ingredients: rose petals, lavender inflorescences, chamomile, hibiscus flowers, ylang-ylang ischalfeya, pea leaves, licorice roots, opuntia powder and sandalwood, oatmeal kernel, wheat bran, olibanum, styrenex, myrrh dust and copal resin. Peeling components not only gently cleanse, but nourish and tone the skin. Vitamins and trace elements help to restore the skin, normalize the level of moisture, give the skin elasticity and softness. Dry skin becomes more refreshed. Due to the strongest anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect of sage, which is part of, after applying peeling, the risk of negative skin reactions in the form of redness and peeling is reduced to almost zero. And the trace elements contained in the core of young oats, protect the skin from external environmental influences, and help resist bacterial attacks, maintain normal moisture in the epidermis and stimulate cellular respiration. Using peeling will leave the client a pleasant feeling of a spa treatment. To preserve all beneficial ingredients, the product is sold in foil packaging. And for the convenience of the masters we offer packing 2 and 5 gr. The method of application is simple: peeling is diluted with hot water to the consistency of liquid sour cream and applied to moist eyebrows with massaging movements in the direction and against the growth of hair with the help of fingers or a cotton swab. Leave on eyebrows for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water.

Also for dry and normal skin presented liquid cleansing eyebrow shampoo. The components of the shampoo will help to gently cleanse the skin, not only to clean, but also to strengthen the weakened hairs. Purpose of use: for maximum cleansing and better staining of the skin and eyebrow hairs before applying henna, and citric acid in the composition enhances henna fixation on the skin. The components of the shampoo will help to gently clean the skin and eyebrow hairs, strengthen weakened hairs. Will help solve the problem of increased greasiness of the skin. Organic compounds in the composition of the shampoo can inhibit the growth of the fungus, provoking the appearance of dryness and irritation on the skin. The shampoo has a pleasant almond fragrance. Sold in a bottle of 30 ml.

For cleansing normal and dry skin, the company, in the line of cleansing agents, offers a degreaser - this is a cosmetic product with properties for gentle cleansing of the skin and eyebrow hairs and it is presented in one optimal for convenience version, 50 ml bottle. with a spray gun. The degreaser is intended for cleansing the hairs of eyebrows and skin from impurities. Balanced alcohol composition, unlike other alcohol cosmetics, does not dry out the skin, perfectly cleanses and disinfects the skin and hair of eyebrows before staining. It is also recommended to use before the procedure of modeling eyebrows. Degreaser easily cope with fat and greasiness, eliminates desquamation, and also has a pronounced antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. Henna after the procedure falls better. Very easy to use: Apply a little of the composition on a cotton pad, rub your eyebrows on the growth of hairs at least 3-4 times. Use before henna dyeing and modeling. Also a degreaser can be used at home.

Dry shampoo with scrub effect in the PROFHENNA cleanser line is ideal for oily skin. Nature itself has taken care of the skin and filled its composition with natural beneficial components that will help solve the problem of increased greasiness of the skin. The shampoo contains a balanced bouquet of Indian herbs and roots. Dry shampoo is 100% natural and contains only active ingredients. To obtain the effect of scrub, Indian clay is added to dry shampoo. Indian clay - Multani Mitti is characterized by high sorption, and its composition is the result of decomposition of volcanic ash, so the clay has special properties, the clay contains silica, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, sapphire glass. Multani Mitti is very useful in the care of oily and problem skin. It removes oily shine from the skin, cleanses the pores, whitens and smoothes the skin, peels dead skin particles. Part of amla perfectly softens integuments, improves blood circulation in the cells of tissues, contributing to the activation of "asleep" bulbs. A unique combination of all components of the composition. An effective cleanser for those who prefer natural products and take care of their health. On sale Dry shampoo is presented in foiled packaging, packaging 2 and 5 grams.


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