Eyebrows make our face beautiful and expressive only in the case when the thickness and shape are selected individually. Well-groomed eyebrows help every girl to feel confident and noticeable. In order not to spoil the natural data, the first design of eyebrows should be entrusted to a professional. Those whose eyebrows have already experienced many different experiments should contact the salon for a correction.


Correction of eyebrows is carried out after selection of the correct bend, thickness and density of growing hair. It depends on the shape of the eyebrow's face. Correction involves removing excess hair with a thread, wax or tweezers. The procedure is quite painful, so it is permissible to use baby cream to reduce sensitivity and the subsequent application of ice. When working with eyebrows, experience is very important; therefore, professional hair removal should be entrusted. The final stage of correction is disinfection with alcohol lotion and application of a sedative. For those whose eyebrows are too short, thin or bald spots appear, correction using microblading and tattooing is suitable. These procedures will allow to finish the hair where they are missing.


Coloring eyebrows makes them more expressive and bright, allows you not to spend a lot of time on makeup and look beautiful even without make-up. Dyeing is carried out with the help of chemical and natural dyes, the latter of which are less harmful and durable. In the cabin most often use henna or paint. The procedure takes place in several stages:



1. Choice of color and dye

2. The location of the client in the chair, protecting clothes with film

3. Applying the cream on the area around the eyes

4. Coloring eyebrows using prepared means

5. Removing excess paint with a cotton swab or disc.



If you decide to carry out the procedure at home, it should be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to dye your eyebrows with hair dye, be sure to check the expiration date and first conduct an allergy test. Eyebrow styling is the formation of lines and curves with the help of decorative cosmetics. Modeling is carried out using mascara, brushes and eyebrow gel. Before him, it is imperative to carry out a correction in advance so that redness and irritation disappear. The modeling procedure allows you to make a look expressive and spectacular.