Making eyebrows in makeup is one of the main roles. The overall picture depends on their color and shape. They can make the image light and romantic or, on the contrary, bold. For many women, making perfect eyebrows is an everyday ritual that takes a lot of time. Especially if natural eyebrows are rare, not having clear forms. Many ladies resort to staining procedure, which, unfortunately, does not give a long-term effect. In this regard, women think about the tattoo, but, for various reasons, they are frightened by this procedure.
And then comes biotatuazh to the rescue.

Eyebrow biotatuage is the process of eyebrow dyeing with natural dye - henna. Henna has a high pigmentation, gives a lasting long-term effect, staining not only the hairs, but also the skin. To date, on sale can be found several types of henna, which are used for various procedures.
The use of henna has a positive effect on the structure of the hair, prevents hair loss. Henna for biotatuazha has a not very large color range, but with the right combination of several shades allows you to achieve the right color.

The advantages of biotatuazha:
natural composition
no chemical smell
ease of procedure
use during pregnancy

The disadvantages biotatuazha refers to individual intolerance to the composition. Before the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test. If during the procedure you feel an itching or burning sensation, you should wash off the henna.

Biotatuazh at home

Biotatuazha procedure can be carried out at home. But for the first time it is better to turn to a professional. The master will select the desired shade and simulate the correct shape of the eyebrows. In the future, you can carry out staining yourself. To do this, you need to purchase in our store henna for coloring eyebrows "PROFHENNA".
The technology of the procedure is quite simple.
Immediately before staining, you must use a scrub and degrease the staining area.
Mix a small amount of henna powder with a few drops of hot water and bring to a creamy consistency. Using a brush, gently apply the coloring composition with a thick layer on the eyebrows according to the desired shape. To enhance the effect, you can cover your eyebrows with cellophane.
The dwell time of the dye is not more than 20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, wash the henna with a cotton swab moistened with cool water and fix the color by brushing your eyebrows with PROFOIL oil.
The persistence of the result will depend on the individual characteristics of your skin and on the frequency of use of scrubs and cleansers in this area. On average, persistence is about 5 weeks. A few days after the procedure you can not use the solarium and sauna. For washing use sparing means, do not use scrubs in the eyebrow area, and then the result will please you for a long time.