Make-up should be removed completely, carefully freeing eyebrows from dirt, so that the remnants of cosmetics do not clog pores and prevent hair growth.


Eyebrows are recommended to comb daily. It stimulates the growth of eyebrows, contributes to the nutrition of hair follicles, improves blood circulation. This should be done with a special brush, first against the growth of the eyebrows, and then in the direction from the center to the edges. This activates the bloodstream and cleanses the skin and hair follicles from dead scales. For these purposes, it is convenient to adapt the washed brush from the used mascara or a toothbrush with a natural bristle.

Eyebrow self-massage

Massaging eyebrows with fingertips has a powerful effect on the skin and facial muscles. This not only stimulates the growth of hairs, but also contributes to the overall improvement, improves the tone of the eyelids, smoothes the brow crease.

Massage is carried out in several stages:

- pressing, move the pads of the fingers from the bridge of the nose to the temples;
- in a circular motion to massage the eyebrows in the direction of growth, while fingers are not separated from the skin;
- make tingling, grabbing the skin with your fingers and not tugging at the hairs themselves;
- completes the procedure of tapping and stroking in the direction from the center to the edges.

All massage movements are performed 3-4 times. It is recommended to do massage courses for 10-15 procedures.

Eyebrow strengthening

- Vitamins A and E stimulate eyebrow growth. It is recommended to lubricate the eyebrows with an oil solution of these vitamins once or twice a day for a month. Then you need to take a break for a month.

- A good effect for improving the condition of the eyebrows is given by slightly heated sesame oil from "PROFOIL". It is used for applications once a day.

- Effective mask of onion juice and brandy. This is a proven means to accelerate the growth of eyebrows. For one teaspoon of brandy, take three pieces of onion juice, rub into eyebrows and leave for two hours, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.


It is best to apply staining with natural products.

- Henna eyebrow "PROFHENNA" will allow to achieve a whole range of shades from light brown for blondes to black for brunettes, strengthen the roots of the eyebrows and give them brightness and shine.


The simplest correction will retain the natural shape, but it will give the eyebrows a neat look. Using special tweezers, you should regularly remove excess hairs on the nose and in the lower part of the eyebrow, giving them a beautiful curved shape that fits the type of face. It is convenient to use a magnifying mirror. The easiest way to remove hair from steamed skin.

Visit doctor

If eyebrows have become rare, lifeless, hairs become and fall out, then this may be one of the first signs of thyroid disease. In this case, it is best to visit an endocrinologist and take a blood test. This will ensure that the poor condition of the eyebrows is not due to hormonal imbalance. If, as a result of tests, deviations are detected, the doctor will prescribe a treatment, as a result of which the eyebrows will restore their blooming appearance.

Eyebrows require attention no less than other elements of appearance. Well-groomed eyebrows play a key role in creating a stylish look. To obtain a good result does not require large financial costs or a lot of time. If you pay regular attention to eyebrow care, they will become thick and beautiful, and the views of others will be full of admiration.