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16 shades of natural professional henna for lasting brows from light brown to black and special black Indian henna for eyelashes (Black Henna).
A special mix of different types of henna and natural ingredients, this is an absolutely natural product - a mixture of Indian and Iranian henna, created specifically for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. Environmentally friendly natural material that does not cause irritation and has a therapeutic effect on the skin and hair.


I want to tell you about the product on which I work

@profhenna - henna for difficult tasks 👌 Masters who always want more 😎 This is the brand’s slogan and I completely agree with him год For a year of work, not a single criticism 🙅‍♀️ not a single allergic reaction 🙅‍♀️ Profhenna without urzole and ammonia! Maximum natural composition 🌿🌿🌿 Carefully take care of hairs, thickens them, nourishes with plant extracts. Indeed, the SPA procedure for eyebrows💚 And the range of colors ... 😍 16❗ shades - warm, cold, color, light, dark.

Profhenna is "Mercedes among Zaporozhtsev" 😎😉😀


Today, I want to tell you about henna, which I work! Before I went to the courses, I thought that all natural eyebrow henna🌿 turned out to be completely different, most henna, which is painted in beauty salons, is far from being natural chemical substances химиWhen I chose henna for work and speech could not be that I will paint non-natural henna! And then my choice fell on henna @profhenna the first thing I liked was that it had to be diluted with hot water, after reading the composition I made sure that this henna suits me! Having tried it on myself, I liked the herbal smell, texture and natural color obtained!


My first review is not about the first use of Profhenna. In order to speed up the makeup time and always look well-groomed, my master advised me to dye my eyebrows and eyelashes with henna. And it really changed my daily routine with makeup, I completely forgot about the pencil and eyebrow shadows. What I noticed during the use of this particular henna company (3 years) Hair becomes thicker The color lasts 4 weeks The first week the henna lasts on the skin and creates a shadow effect You can correct the shape of the eyebrows and close the bald spots in the eyebrows I did not cause any allergic reaction.

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